So how does online physio work?

Physios are able to thoroughly assess, diagnose and help YOU to treat your own musculoskeletal issue/s via telehealth. This is through:

        -     Asking questions 
        -     Guiding a movement & touch-based assessment 
        -      Putting this information together to arrive at a diagnosis - this is called 'clinical reasoning'.
        -      Providing a tailored exercise program through PhysiApp / similar platform

You will receive an email with your PhysiTrack Telehealth appointment link at the time of your scheduled telehealth appointment. 
What you will need for your Telehealth appointment: 

- A stable internet connection
- A webcam-enabled device that you can use hands-free
- A well-lit, quiet environment
- Comfortable clothing that lets Katie see your affected body part.
If unsure, please feel free to email prior to your appointment

Am I missing out by going online?

Strong research suggests that online musculoskeletal physio consults can provide comparable, or even better outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction and diagnostic accuracy, especially when performed with an experienced clinician. So therefore, the answer is a resounding, No! In fact, it places YOU in the driver's seat even more, with an expert to guide you along the way.