Katie, Melbourne's first rock climbing physiotherapist, runs a private practice devoted to the Australian rock climbing community. She delivers excellence in effective, evidence-based physio and is here to help you to manage, treat or prevent your own climbing related injuries. 

Whether you're seeking advice on a specific injury, want to prevent a niggle from coming back, are building back to climbing after time off due to injury, want to improve technique and strength, or want a specific exercise program tailored to you and your climbing, Katie will work with you to achieve your goals and get back to your best on the wall. 

Trauma-informed practice Level 2 (Blue Knot Foundation, 2019)

Katie Kaminsky Physiotherapy

(109 – 113 Helen Street, Northctote, VIC 3070)

Katie acknowledges the sovereign Wurundjeri people of Naarm on who's land she practices. She pays respects to the Elders past and present of a Nation that has practiced healing long before the introduction of our current national healthcare model. She also acknowledges the multifactorial disparities in access to healthcare faced by First Nations People. Katie is committed to paying the rent, with a percentage of any 2021 profits going to Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network