About Katie

Katie's approach
Katie is committed to holistic, evidence-based and effective management strategies. She completed both her Bachelor of Physiotherapy and her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University. Katie is the National Youth Climbing Team Physiotherapist with Sport Climbing Australia, and is undertaking research in injury surveillance in Australian National Climbing teams. She is committed to educating fellow health professionals about the unique demands of climbing, and is the chair of Adaptive Climbing Victoria, a Sport Climbing Victoria subcommittee and special project. Her passion for movement on the rock has led to the development of physio-led clinics and workshops, as well as collaboration with coaches and other professionals in order to help her clients achieve the very best physical condition they can.

Katie's experience

Katie first worked in a diverse role in one of Darwin's leading private physiotherapy practices, where she was also worked with the Tiwi Bombers 2012 - 2013 NTFL team . She has worked with climbers as long as she has been practicing, and works with recreational, sub-elite and elite climbers across all disciplines.

Since moving back to Melbourne in 2014, Katie has worked in the private sector, including in her current role as a senior outpatient multitrauma/orthopaedic/amputee rehabilitation physiotherapist with one of Melbourne's leading private rehabilitation organisations, including as the senior physio in a Complex Hip program and the musculoskeletal / neck physio in a Concussion Clinic. She has worked in sports private practice since 2012, and is currently working at Body Lab Physiotherapy and Pilates with colleagues who are leading and experienced Gymnastics and Dance physiotherapists. 

Katie has been a keen climber for almost ten years, and enjoys a combination of trad, sport and bouldering. Her personal sporting experience includes competitive swimming, hiking/trekking, surfing, sailing, open water swimming, and trail running. Katie understands through personal experience how hard it can be to take time off from your favourite sport, and as such does her best to assist her clients to get back on the wall and maximise their performance.

Katie's interests

Conditions of particular interest to Katie include shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand rehabilitation (yes, including fingers too!), tendinopathies, and the complex movement patterns involved in climbing. She has undertaken professional development and mentoring in hand therapy with some of Melbourne's leading hand therapists and hand surgeons. Other areas of interest include endurance sport injury management and reduction of injury risk, persistent pain, and trunk and lower limb contributions to climbing performance. She attends regular professional development courses, and describes herself as an eternal learning enthusiast. She prefers to treat the person, not the injury, and takes a multidisciplinary approach - including coaches, other allied health professionals and medical professionals as required - to help you achieve your goals.