- Proximal middle phalangeal bony stress injuries / growth plate fractures

- Imaging
- Splinting
- Conservative management
- Research re: surgical management

- Mechanism: high? foot? lat? 
- Fracture? - imaging - Ottawa Ankle Rules

Climbing is a unique physical activity. It is a sport including high performance and the controlled setting in which competition takes place, active recreation and the weekend warrior, and everything on the spectrum between.

An emerging literature base on climbing-specific sports medicine and science gives some insight into the modifiable risk factors and variables influencing climbing injury epidemiology and performance; however, this is very much a growing space.

Here, you'll find a toolkit to refer to should you encounter a climber in your professional practice. The motivation behind the development of this toolkit was a series of clients and members of the community who had significant difficulty obtaining accurate diagnoses and management plans. This page serves as a resource to healthcare practitioners unfamiliar with climbing injuries and seeking credible links to useful information.

Glossary: Common climbing terms

Topics - interactive body chart with pop up click-through list
    What does the research say? 
    Research limitations
    Climbers and tendinopathies
      Why does language matter? 
       What really matters in climbing shoulder rehab?
      Rotator cuff strengthening not solving the issue?
      Impingement - what does it mean?
      Older shoulders / younger shoulders
      Technique tips
      Lateral epicondylalgia / "Tennis elbow"
        Posterior radial head stability
        Radial neuropathies
      Medial epicondylalgia / "Golfer's elbow"
        Median neuropathies
      Extensor Carpi Ulnaris tendinopathy
      Wrist stability: ulnar sided
      Wrist stability: central column
      Wrist stability: radial sided
      De Quervain's Tenosynovitis
      Intersection syndrome
      Ulnar neuropathies
      Flexor zone 1
      Flexor zone 2
      Flexor zone 3
      Ligament injuries
      Joint sprains / capsulitis
      Flexor Digitorum Profundus insertion
      Pulley injuries

Research papers (link + summary/abstract only):
- Epidemiology
- Risk factors: what we know / don't know
- Upper limb
- Lower limb
- Trunk
- Performance
- Other
Web resources
Climbing healthcare professionals by continent / region
Governance and professional bodies