COVID-19 and in-person appointments

As an essential service, physiotherapy remains open for business through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Actions required to keep us all safe include: 
 MASKS: Wearing your own, well-fitting face mask for the entire duration of your appointment
HAND-WASHING / SANITISING on entry to the waiting area
ATTENDANCE LOG completion on entry to Northcote Northside Boulders
HYGIENE: Katie will clean all equipment between clients - thank you for your patience

If you have any of the following symptoms,


Upper respiratory tract symptoms
Gastrointestinal upset

So how does online physio work?

Through a secure online video platform, physios are able to thoroughly assess, diagnose and help YOU to treat your own musculoskeletal issue/s. This is through:

        -     Asking you lots of questions - no different to an in-person appointment

        -     Guiding a movement- and touch-based assessment and asking how you feel through this process - again, similar to an in-person appointment

        -      Putting all this information together to arrive at a diagnosis - this is called 'clinical reasoning'.

        -      Providing a tailored and supervised exercise program through PhysiApp, or a similar platform. This lets your physio check in with you regularly    about your exercises, and provide guidance and updates. 

When you book online, I will email you further information regarding your online appointment

Am I missing out by going online?

Strong research suggests that online musculoskeletal physio consults can provide comparable, or even better outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction and diagnostic accuracy, especially when performed with an experienced clinician. So therefore, the answer is a resounding, No! In fact, it places YOU in the driver's seat even more, with an expert to guide you along the way. This is PRIME TIME to get that rehab in! 


Strong research suggests online physio is a great way to go for many musculoskeletal issues.

If your condition can't be treated online and we can't continue with the consult after the first step, you'll get a full refund and I'll refer you to someone who can help as soon as possible!


- A stable internet connection

- A SmartPhone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. Portable devices and laptops can be easier to use than a desk top but are not essential

- Adequate lighting - we're going to move in your session, and being able to see makes a big difference to the information that can be provided

- A quiet environment to help us hear each other

- Comfortable clothing that lets Katie see your affected body part. If unsure, please feel free to email prior to your appointment