And so it begins!

Here it is - my very first blog post! Eek!

There are a whole lot of physios (and other healthcare practitioners) out there writing blogs. There's also a healthy amount of skepticism as to whether these people should be writing things that our trusting and naïve general public can find on the interwebs if the authors are not experts in what they do.

So. Here is my preface:

- I'm not a world leader in research. Let's leave that to the experts. I am experienced at interpreting   
  research - it's a pivotal skill for the modern physio, and indeed for all those involved in the health
  and fitness world.

- Everything I write here, as with any published work and indeed interpretation of literature, includes
  my own personal bias, influenced by my own past experience, beliefs, context, education etc etc
  etc. I'm committed to publishing posts that have a well-rounded view on their designated topic,
  with best-quality research backing up my stance.

- I promise not to post anything based on information that comes from an unreliable source

Let me also advise the following:

- Be a skeptic! Be judgemental! Ask the hard questions! If it doesn't sound right to you, challenge it! 
  How else do we learn?

- Don't let this blog alone change your opinion on anything

- DO let it open doors to further research and reading of your own. If something piques your interest,
  go find another article on it. See what Dr. Google has to say. But be aware that Dr. Google is also
  just as biased as I am, and contains an entire spectrum of opinions, some evidenced and some 
  not. Be your own voice of reason, and keep in mind that just because someone published a piece 
  (blog, research paper, opinion piece, podcast, YouTube video, etc etc), the quality of  
  the publication is not guaranteed.

More to come soon!